About us

We at Gemba Solutions are a team of manufacturing professionals experienced in driving business improvement with real-time data. We have been delivering rapid improvement and tangible value to manufacturing for almost 20 years.

Providing unambiguous, real-time and relevant data to the stakeholder of the value stream is not all we do. We help our clients to the next level and share our 20+ years of experience driving action from the data to deliver rapid improvement. But it doesn’t stop there. We continue to work with our clients through a continuous improvement process throughout their organisations, instilling best practices and shared learning. Our systems and services are employed in over 100 sites in the UK alone with many more long-term clients throughout the world including the U.S. Europe and Asia. The remarkable flexibility and scalability of our systems are just two of their distinguishing features, when combined with our in-house software development team and group resources worldwide, Gemba doesn't just improve OEE but instead offers a complete production efficiency software solution.

The Gemba Experience

Our approach is simple. We help drive the benefit into our customers business rather than just laying software on top of it. Having this combination of real-time software and continuous improvement services under one roof is what distinguishes Gemba and effectively delivers successful projects.

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