Gemba GRIP delivers sustained improvement

Manuli Hydraulics are recognised world-wide as the leading provider of hydraulic solutions.  They are focused on growth and maintaining its products and services reputation as the best across varying market segments. Manuli Hydraulics products are used in hydraulic circuits for industrial applications in various fields such as construction, earth moving, agriculture, transport, mining and shipping.

"Gemba worked really well with the teams on the shop floor to encourage and include their ideas, the activity that delivered the results came from the shop floor. This I believe was fundamental in sustaining the improvement Gemba managed to identify and help us realise. The ability to see our current-status with our own unique kpi’s in real time has allowed us to very quickly establish whether we are having a good day, and if not, what we need to do to recover it. Gemba’s CI team’s manufacturing experience and knowledge really showed when they very quickly identified and delivered rapid improvements with our current assets and teams. Without the services of the Gemba CI team helping us use the data I don’t believe we would have had the rapid and sustained results we have. It is easy to think a data capture system is 'big Brother watching you' when in fact Gemba dispelled this myth very early in the project explaining how their inclusive approach is focused on improving the business, optimising operations to ultimately secure future growth with existing assets."
Andy Johnston
(Plant Manager)

Gemba had to fully understand the business needs and operational objectives before every project commences to ensure both parties appreciate the task and expectations. Gemba were then able to tailor the project to focus on creating capacity for the plant and improve workflow.  A Pilot approach first established the real-time performance metrics from a single production line and shared a visual representation to all stakeholders of the line with the sites established KPI’s that everyone would understand. Gemba then used the data to identify the gaps to standard and work with the shop floor teams to root-cause and remedy these. Andy Johnston, the Plant Manager at Manuli, was keen to understand the true picture of the current state of the operation and the size of the opportunity that Gemba identified. Andy himself got first-hand insight to the Gemba Rapid Improvement Programme (GRIPs) by joining the interactive workshops on the shop-floor, analysing the processes and making changes using the real-time data Gemba was producing.

Gemba ran several GRIPs working with the shop-floor teams across shifts to fully appreciate the challenges and opportunities and how best the Gemba CONNECT system would complement and help sustain the operational improvement. Manufacturing Software solutions are common but where Gemba differed was how they supported the business and Users in the improvement journey. The CI Services provided by Gemba ensured we were able to sustain the improvement.

The target improvement was identified as 5% when in fact the Gemba GRIP delivered a 9.5% improvement that we have been able to sustain and continue to improve upon. This new improved process has now been replicated across other production cells enabling us to bid and successfully win new business that we can confidently fit within our newly created plant capacity, securing future employment and achieving our business growth objective.