Gemba’s rapid implementation is a hit with Ornua Foods

Ornua Foods is the UK’s largest supplier of pre-packed hard cheeses, producing over 200M packs per year. The company also has a growing butter and spreads business and is the owner of iconic brands such as Kerrygold and Pilgrims Choice.

"My favourite feature is a status screen where I can see the running status and OEE of all my lines in real time."
Kevin Green
(Operations Director)

The team at the dedicated £30M factory in Leek is committed to continuously striving to improve the efficiency and environmental footprint of the production process. Ornua recently undertook a pilot project, partnering with Gemba Solutions.

The Pilot

Ornua decided to take advantage of Gemba’s Rapid Implementation Pilot Scheme. A Gemba e-Kiosk was installed on one line at the Leek plant. The plant connection and configuration was installed and fully operational in one afternoon, with real-time data being collected by the end of the day. The team began to monitor OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and downtime data in real-time and then review further analysis from the software’s in-built reporting function at their short interval control reviews.

The Benefits

Implementing the Gemba solution resulted in a 10% gain in OEE within 8 weeks. Downtime has been reduced and future plans include installing big target display screens around the factory and expansion of the system to utilise other modules within the product suite.

"The visibility of accurate real time data that can be viewed and trended in different formats via the report suite is really helpful in prioritising our improvement projects. The system will be a key part of our Operational Transformation Programme", said Kevin Green.