Reliable & unambiguous data key to strategic business decisions

Rockline Industries is a global, world-class manufacturer of disposable paper products. Founded in 1976, the business employs over 1800 people world-wide, with facilities in the USA, UK and China.

"As a business, delivering a return on investment is fundamental to success, and to commit to longer term strategies, we needed unambiguous, reliable data to base our case on and to validate the return."

Rockline is family owned and run, giving a real personal touch to their philosophy of integrity and teamwork and a passion for providing excellent value and service to their customers. With this in mind, their quality policy commits them to continually improving their manufacturing processes.

"We had been measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) across our manufacturing facilities by capturing data manually and transferring it to spreadsheets," commented Rockline’s UK Manufacturing Director. "This manual process was not adding value to our business, as the data was ambiguous and inconsistent and contained numerous errors which were difficult to correct after the event."

Most of Rockline’s CI (Continuous Improvement) program was based around this data, making results of continuous improvement difficult to qualify. The business also wanted to use the data to justify financial investment and demonstrate ROI.