Great feedback on Gemba Training and Support

January 21, 2019
Great feedback on Gemba Training and Support

"I could listen to the technical stuff from Carl all day"

It is great to receive nice feedback from our customers for a job well done. We are passionate about our products and services, we work hard to deliver interesting, insightful and value-adding services.

Recent Gemba training on our CONNECT software had been delivered to this customer’s very complex processes and kpi’s by our Development team who do not always work in a darkened room, they are often seen at a customer’s premises understanding their processes to ensure the software solutions deliver what we say. Gemba proudly share the technical workings of the software and its capability with users, we believe the more knowledgeable the user the greater the opportunities. Specialist technical training with real-time software is just one of the support services we offer.

It is reassuring to see users are as passionate and Geeky about our software as we are.