Gemba now part of the Tembo Group

March 4, 2019
Gemba now part of the Tembo Group

Gemba Solutions Ltd is now part of the Temp Group of companies.

With the creation of Tembo, a new name has been set on the horizon. From now on, fourteen different companies will be proud to claim they are a Tembo company.

A total of 1,100 employees are currently working for a Tembo company worldwide. They work, for example, for the machine design companies ITM, Imatec, EME Engel and SPI Development or, for the product engineering company Tricas, performance improvement company Gemba Solutions, or the Kampen craft shops De Eenhoorn and De Olifant.

The new name became necessary because of how the group has expanded over the last few years. Although many customers knew the group of companies as ITM Group, that name did not include all the companies. By presenting all group companies as Tembo companies, it will become clearer who are part of Tembo.