3 ways data is more than just useful for management

At Gemba our focus is on “Empowering Productivity” with engaging production efficiency software. Our efforts take on many forms to empower our client’s towards a mind-shift in productivity and being able to deliver successful improvement programs through harnessing data.

We often hear initial concerns that data is only useful for management. It definitely is useful for management. But it’s also pretty useful for lots of other things too…

1. Relevant data influences behaviour

A fundamental element of using data wisely is getting relevant information to those people who can influence the desired results, having a very visual image that portrays these facts to the workforce in real-time is very influential on behaviours.

2. Real-time data verifies if you’re on target

Through deploying production efficiency software such as Gemba, you’re able to collect data from equipment and processes. This provides a wider insight into the current status of your operations and whether activities are on-target or behind-schedule, helping you plan quickly for the future.

3. Visual data empowers your workforce

Using data efficiently provides a voice to your workforce who can interact with the software system and input their observations and feedback on the current status of their processes in real-time. The biggest impact we see in almost all our interactions with organisations of varying sizes, is the embracing of the information made available to the production floor.

If you need production efficiency software to help manage your shop floor, or are interested to see where data could take your business, get in touch with us at Gemba.