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What is Gemba? What began as a group of passionate Control Engineers wanting to define a clearer path to performance improvements for operators, has steadily grown into a global-selling business that is Gemba Solutions.

What is Gemba manufacturing operations through efficiency improvements

Our story

Using our knowledge and experience of the industry, we developed our Gemba software to help transform manufacturing operations through efficiency improvements. With a focus on enabling rapid improvements for manufacturing businesses and creating flexible overall equipment effectiveness software solutions, we’ve built up a pretty strong reputation for ourselves within the industry.

Through continually working closely with clients, we’ve created ongoing relationships that move with people as they join new companies and deploy Gemba there as well. Many clients liked working with us so much they decided to join the company and become part of the Gemba team.

This means our team has continued to grow in credibility. Clients trust that our first-hand experience with the challenges faced when implementing a new data system, will in turn help them drive improvement and empower their workforce to achieve great things.

Our team

What is gemba solutions out story

We’re all about you

We might be in the tech industry, but we’re not bots ourselves. So what is Gemba really all about?


We’re passionate about listening and learning. We could sit and shout about how great our software is, but who would be listening?


It’s important for us to meet with new clients, discover more about them and show how Gemba can empower their workforce.


We focus on understanding what a client wants and needs from us, before we put every ounce of effort, experience and energy into delivering this.


We’re empathetic. As many of our team were once a customer of Gemba, how did they want to be supported?


We’re proud to offer a personalised service that’s tailored to each of our clients.


Tembo what is gemba


Proud to be part of the Tembo group

We love being part of the global group of businesses within Tembo. As an international, innovative technology company, Tembo has provided us with the resources and support that has enabled us to push our boundaries.

We’ve increased our capabilities beyond where we had originally thought possible and taken great leaps forward in our product developments. As a family-owned business, the Tembo family values are also reflected in everything that we do at Gemba.

Tembo values