Gemba Lean

OEE Reporting software that replaces spreadsheets

Manually collating and interpreting production efficiency data can be a labour intensive and inefficient process. Our Gemba Lean manufacturing software makes this easier.
Lean offers a much deeper level of analytics from manually collecting production data, by offering access to the Gemba Cloud software. Gemba Cloud is deployed with automated data collection systems and is tasked with handling much larger sets of data. We’ve combined their power to increase the opportunity value of manually collected data.

Gemba Lean can be added to existing manufacturing operations where automated data collection may be difficult or cost prohibitive.

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Gemba Lean


Struggling with spreadsheets?

We understand your pain! Unable to share access to the reports? Having difficulty remotely viewing data? We hear you.
As leaders in production and manufacturing organisations ourselves, we understand the need for consistent and reliable data. That’s why we created Gemba Lean manufacturing software.

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Gemba Lean


Need easy access?

Teams can connect to analytical reports at the same time, update contents, create their own efficiency reports, or select pre-defined OEE analysis. Essentially, everyone works with the same consistent performance data to the latest industry best practice methods.

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Gemba Lean


Want a scalable solution?

Size doesn’t matter to Gemba. Whether you’re a large international multi-site manufacturing organisation or a single machine shop, Gemba Lean manufacturing software is completely scalable. Empower your workforce and drive continuous improvement with Gemba at your side.

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Gemba Lean

Seamless integration with Gemba Cloud

We consider ourselves matchmakers. Our Gemba Lean manufacturing software integrates with Gemba Cloud to create a very powerful analytical toolkit. Combining our favourite products to help identify areas of improvement and cost savings.

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Gemba Lean

Gemba Intelligence™ module

The clue is in the name. We know getting intelligence from your data takes time, effort, and intelligent analysts, and these luxuries are not in abundance at every organisation, that’s where GembaIntelligence™ can help. The optional module continually analyses trends and exceptions against what you would expect to be normal. Creating detailed insights into the effects these are having on your results, helping you to improve productivity and take corrective action.

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Gemba Lean

Lean features

Determine the biggest losses within your production process:

  • Comprehensive Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE analysis reports and charts illustrating the constituent parts and contributing breakdown of data.
  • Can be combined with automated data collected equipment reports.
  • TEEP productive capacity analysis.
  • International standard for Packaging machinery performance efficiency measures.
  • Manual and semi-automated data entry.
  • Multi-site map views, multi process reporting.
  • Categorised output reports and comparisons.
  • Action tracking and update alerting.
  • TEEP.
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Gemba Lean

“The visibility of accurate real time data that can be viewed and trended in different formats via the report suite is really helpful in prioritising our improvement project.”

Operations Director

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Increase the opportunity value of manually collected data with Gemba Lean.

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