Designed for ease of use, gemba lean manufacturing software is a great reporting tool to replace spreadsheets and measure OEE.

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Struggling with spreadsheets

Struggling with spreadsheets?

We get it. That’s why our gemba lean manufacturing software is designed to help businesses like yours easily measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Whether you’re managing single manufacturing assets or multiple locations within one organisation, gemba lean combines all efficiency reports into one central location.

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Need easy access?

Get everyone singing from the same report sheet (so to speak) with software that’s accessible from anywhere, any time. With gemba lean impact online, you can set up your OEE reporting tools within minutes, making it one of the easiest manual data entry reporting tools to use out there.

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Want a scalable solution

Want a scalable solution?

At Gemba, size doesn’t matter. Our gemba lean manufacturing software is successfully used in both smaller businesses and larger multinational manufacturing groups. We’ll work with you to offer a scalable and consistent comparator of your asset performance, to empower your workforce to continually improve.

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Lancashire-based flooring manufacturer using gemba lean

“This is the second time that I have chosen Gemba Solutions software due to the simplicity of data entry and set up, the flexible data analysis and the breadth of reports to present and display information.”

Production Manager

Staffordshire-based pottery manufacturer

“Since Gemba has been installed, the team hasn’t missed one of their targets and this has never happened before.”

Manufacturing Manager

Manchester-based electrical component manufacturer

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the exceptionally high standard of training that your trainer gave us. The experience he has as a previous Gemba user and in lean manufacturing is a real benefit, as is his enthusiasm. His confident, professional approach was exactly what your product deserves and what your customers expect.”

Engineering Manager

Netherlands-based construction component manufacturer

“Using Gemba’s software, we almost doubled our OEE in the first 6 weeks, and as a result have almost doubled our output on those assets. We are very happy indeed with the system.”

Plant Manager

Yorkshire-based horticulture company

“Gemba’s software and services are very good. The system is user friendly and support is strong. So far, overall line efficiencies are up by 20%.”

General Manager