3 ways data can help your environmental measures

With the current environmental impact and climate change discussions very much in people’s minds, management teams need a firm grip on energy usage and how operational efficiency is having a direct impact on their environmental KPIs.

At Gemba, we work with some very progressive organisations with facilities in many locations nationally and internationally. For many of these businesses, energy use and energy generation are key performance indicators of their process efficiency.

We’ve taken a look at 3 ways using Gemba software can help your business with environmental measures…

1. Understand your carbon footprint

Combining external data from energy usage, outside/inside temperatures and processing data, we can quickly understand the impact waste levels and yields are having on the carbon footprint of the operations and how efficiency gains can influence this greatly.

2. Inform ineffective operational decisions

In markets with very sensitive price points, Gemba software has helped businesses with multiple sites make effective operational decisions that impact their energy use and cost to manufacture. Through using insight gained from data analysis, they’ve been able to achieve environmental KPIs.

3. Data direct from equipment sensors

Our clients chose Gemba as they needed a platform and system that could handle machine data directly from equipment sensors and PLC’s. The system also needed to handle data directly via web API, metered utilities, manual processes and weighing equipment (just to name a few!), and integrate with other BI systems as they grow.

We’re proud our clients trust Gemba to supply this service. To find out more about our software, visit our products page here.