Maintaining the momentum of the continuous improvement process

So, you’ve empowered your workforce but now what? Once results are going in the right direction, we’ve taken a look at what might happen next in the continuous improvement process…

1. Ideas may wane

Don’t be alarmed but there will come a point when your oodles of ideas and inspiration will run dry. Sustaining and continuously improving operations takes effort. But through encouragement and regular reviews by supervisors and management, you can help fire up new ideas.

2. A fresh perspective helps

A fresh set of eyes can help a lot in reviewing your continuous improvement process. People from other areas in the business often ask simple questions that can be missed by those who are immersed in their roles.

3. Focus on inclusivity

Encouraging inclusivity with a cross-functional team focus, brings richer content to discussions and helps keep the momentum going for future improvements.

4. Adopt a healthy communicative environment

Holding regular dynamic meetings and undertaking short interval control methods on the shop floor, instils a sustainable and long-term disciplined behaviour. This helps keep everyone focused on the objectives and encourages a healthy communicative environment for continuous improvement.

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