Are you finding that high staff turnover is affecting knowledge retention?

We get it, as a production engineer, ensuring knowledge retention when there’s a high staff turnover isn’t easy. Especially when you’re already struggling to minimise downtime, drive efficiency and trying to optimise processes without knowing where to start. That’s why we created Gemba Lean.

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Strengthen staff knowledge with Gemba Lean

Imagine a world where there’s a self service library packed full of process information and ‘how to’ guides, that will educate and assist your staff in solving problems on their own. Gemba Lean is a scalable solution that does just that, retains tacit knowledge in the system for recalling and educating new employees, accelerating and supporting the learning curve caused by high staff turnover.

Gemba Lean provides an open space for teams to share their knowledge and updates, supplies live insights for data-driven decisions to be made, comprehensive OEE analysis reports, and identifies production line losses to boost efficiency, saving you time and money.

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Where Gemba Lean
can help production managers

  • OEE Dashboard – Overview of overall effectiveness
  • OEE Reporting – Includes Top 5 Losses and DIN 8743 indicators
  • Log book – Keep a record of key dates, actions and changes
  • Knowledge base – Log common issues and solutions to share with the rest of the team
  • Daily production review – Your daily overview
  • Dynamic reporting – Configure your own data reports

Maximising client line profits

“£30k labour cost reduction in year 1 from identifying issues and fixing them.”


See our Gemba Lean manufacturing software as your strategic partner, there to drive continuous improvement


Insight. Gathering reliable data is no longer a chore. Gemba Lean helps to automatically provide consistent and reliable data, empowering decision makers to make insight-driven choices and improvements.

Improve. With the right resources and data to hand, Gemba Lean makes it easy for you to identify where improvements can be made, enhance productivity, optimise performance and streamline processes.

Repeat. Time to do it all again. Staying on top of your most recent updates, making improvements, and taking a step back to see how it’s going, encourages you to keep looking at what’s working and what’s not. Creating an ongoing journey towards continuous improvement.

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Why Gemba Lean?

Without Lean

  • Lack of training resources / knowledgeable staff
  • Unreliable production, data insights and documentation
  • Unable to optimise processes quickly
  • Productivity is minimised
  • Manually collating and interpreting data

With Lean

  • Suite of training guides for staff
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Maximise output
  • Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Automated data collection

Your production engineer questions answered

  • Q: How does Gemba Lean help manage knowledge retention due to high staff turnover?

    A: Within Gemba Lean there is a self-service library that may include information about processes, procedures and ‘how to’ guides to get the most out of the software and your manufacturing machines.

    This library will help new starters, and even seasoned staff, find solutions to problems, therefore improving their knowledge and solving issues quicker.

    The log book can also be used as a means of communication among different departments and shifts within a manufacturing facility. Your workers can review the log book to understand what happened during previous shifts and what tasks need to be completed during their own time, such as fixes or maintenance.

  • Q: How does Gemba Lean help me trust my data?

    A: Dynamic reporting tools enable users to dive deep into production data to identify losses, inefficiencies, or areas where improvements can be made. This can involve examining various data points, timeframes, or specific metrics to understand the root causes of losses.

    From personal reports, to global reports, you will have access to a range of insights with customisable filters, to help you get the most out of your analysis and make data-driven decisions confidently.

  • Q: How does Gemba Lean help me make informed data-driven decisions?

    A: The OEE Dashboard offers a clear and comprehensive view of production processes. It provides data on equipment performance, production rates, and quality metrics. This visibility allows production engineers and operators to monitor operations effectively, and make decisions from there.

    The Gemba Lean dashboard presents key performance indicators (KPIs) related to OEE, including availability, performance, and quality metrics. These KPIs empower you, as the decision-maker, to make data-driven choices to improve production efficiency and quality.

  • Q: How does Gemba Lean ensure product quality is always high?

    A: The Gemba Lean Dashboard highlights bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the production line. This could include machines that are underperforming. Identifying these issues promptly is essential for minimising downtime and maximising output.

  • Q: How does Gemba Lean minimise downtime and unplanned stoppages?

    A: Armed with data, you as the production manager will have visibility of the recurring issues that are impacting performance and be able to prioritise maintenance activities focused on minimising downtime and improving productivity.