Can production managers work remotely?

can product managers work remotely

With coronavirus lockdown restrictions causing manufacturing businesses to change the way they operate, it’s been a challenge for many to continue with production.

However recent statistics released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (April 2020) showed 49.2% of adults were now working remotely, a figure that has increased by nearly a quarter of a million in the past decade.

Over the next three years, this number is expected to rise. With social distancing looking to remain for the foreseeable and flexi-time working gaining popularity, manufacturing businesses need to adopt new remote working strategies into their model.

But this can throw up a whole bunch of questions. Can production managers work remotely and access production reports even when off site? Is it possible to compare multi-site efficiencies from afar? And what about continuing to monitor OEE efficiency, is this possible to do from anywhere?

can product managers work remotely

There are many benefits remote working can bring – from reducing commuting costs to increasing staff retention – but it can also improve efficiency in workforces.

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