Focusing on the key issues helped to improve OEE and more

Deli Solutions, based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, produce Olives and Antipasti for several of the major supermarket chains. Bought-in raw materials (olives, sundried tomatoes, oils, etc.) are mixed/prepared according to a recipe and are delivered to semi-automatic packaging lines for packaging.

"In order to make improvements, we needed a much better indication of where our process bottlenecks were and what was causing them."
Martyn McDonnell
(Factory Planner)

Deli are part of the Winterbotham Darby Group, the award-winning food business that predominantly supplies own label chilled food to major supermarket chains in the UK. Priding themselves on building long term relationships with their clients, the Group have a stated objective to focus on product quality and a commercial approach that aims to ensure the best value to their clients.

The Deli Solutions team recognise the importance of these objectives, and prior to working with Gemba had been using Excel spread-sheets to record the amount of cases produced per line/shift and were reporting this against a standard. This gave staff a general idea of how well the production process was functioning, but didn’t give any detail on the when, where or why of problems. This really limited the team’s ability to get to the root cause of issues and make changes to prevent recurrences.

Working with Gemba

Deli’s General Manager, Douglas Bathgate, selected Gemba Solutions to help, primarily due to the success of the Gemba system at Westland Garden Health.