Gemba’s software fundamental to drive for operational excellence

Originally established in the 1970s, Barfoots is an award winning family business, growing, processing and packing a range of semi-exotic vegetables. Customers include the major supermarkets in the UK, and leading national restaurant chains, and the company has operations in the UK, Europe, Africa and South America.

"Prior to our involvement with Gemba, we used a very basic manual process to measure our production efficiency."
Tom Spragg
(Operations Manager)

Barfoots have an holistic approach to their business, successfully balancing a sustainable, eco-friendly farming system with a commitment to using cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and quality. This focus on efficiency led Barfoots UK Operations Manager, Tom Spragg, to begin working with Gemba Solutions.

The Barfoots team wanted to improve the accuracy and speed of data capture so that they could really get to grips with asset performance and begin to make improvements.

Working with Gemba

The relationship between Barfoots and Gemba crystallised immediately. In an effort to get some consistent data and be able to turn that data in to meaningful production reports giving some baseline metrics, Barfoots began by using Gemba’s on-line OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) service.