Shop-floor visibility makes an instant impact on efficiency

Siemens Industrial Gas Turbine Service business employs over 500 people at its site in Lincoln and is the global service product centre for small scale industrial gas turbines. It provides technical product support and overhauls globally for a fleet of 1650 gas turbines.

"We had been measuring build lead-time using a manual process prior to working with Gemba."
Nick Broom
(Head of Service & Manufacturing)

The Siemens name has long been associated with innovation and cutting edge technology, however the Company also has a stated objective in the UK to become just as well known for high quality customer service through people and process excellence.

The team at Lincoln take this objective very seriously, working hard to continuously improve their processes, and their involvement with Gemba Solutions began initially with a project to improve build lead-time in their Re-Manufacturing area, where pre-used gas turbines are refurbished.

"This involved collating information from our SAP system. This introduced inaccuracies - sometimes paperwork was not dealt with for a few days after the event." At this time, build lead-time was running at more than 5 times the corporate target, which initiated a CI (Continuous Improvement) program within Siemens to try to improve this KPI. "As a business, delivering a return on investment is fundamental to success, and to commit to longer term."