How do you introduce data to your workforce?

Collecting real-time data allows you to make changes on the shop floor or strategically plan for the future. However, considering ways of presenting data to the shop floor and having a clear mandate on how it is to be used is also critical.

Data can have a positive and a negative behavioural effect so careful planning and communication of this is essential. Done correctly and inclusively, data presented to an engaged workforce results in rapid operational improvement without numerous workshops, lean techniques or consultant interventions.

It’s important to be empowering your shop floor to make data-driven decisions in the early phases of a new system, to help deliver a quick-win of double-digit percentage efficiency improvements.

By presenting data to your shop floor in a well-thought out manner, it can capitalise on this momentum and further encourage informed decision-making. Data can transform improvement projects from being management lead to shop floor lead.

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