How being part of the Tembo Group allows Gemba to continuously develop new solutions

Gemba is part of The Tembo Group

We love being part of the global group of businesses within the Tembo Group, but what does this actually mean for Gemba and our clients? We explore the benefits to being part of this global business…

Who exactly are Tembo?

Gemba is part of The Tembo Group

Tembo is a worldwide group of companies, focused on technology. As the dynamics of today’s world are increasing constantly, they use innovations to produce improved and alternative products for each client. The Tembo Group empowers companies and individuals to be successful by continuously adapting to shifting needs.

What does being part of Tembo really mean for Gemba?

Gemba is part of The Tembo Group

With Tembo’s support, companies can produce in high volumes, with high precision and maintain high flexibility. They encourage customers to seize opportunities that come with change to stay ahead in our evolving industry.

As an international, innovative technology company, The Tembo Group has provided us with the resources and support that has enabled us to push our boundaries. Since Gemba joined Tembo, we’ve increased our capabilities beyond where we had originally thought possible and taken great leaps forward in our product developments.

How does being part of Tembo benefit our clients?

Gemba is part of The Tembo Group

Through Tembo, we’re able to continuously develop our software products to develop new solutions or improvements. With their support, Gemba is empowered to adapt to changes and use the latest techniques available on the market.

When better options arise, Tembo researches how these developments can improve our software solutions and the processes of our customers. As a never-ending cycle, you can be sure the best is yet to come.

Tembo is a fourth-generation family-owned business, and their family values are also reflected in everything that we do at Gemba. Like us, they value long-term relationships and goals.

Experience continuous results

With Gemba’s passion, software expertise and the support of Tembo, we will continue to create solutions that empower our clients to drive production efficiency and see real improvement.

Need help with continuous improvement? Get in touch with a member of the Gemba team today and let’s explore your options.