Meet our Barketing Executive, Betty

Meet our Barketing Executive Betty

As one of our most valued employees, our Barketing Executive Betty lets us follow her around for the day to discover some of the important team-building, morale boosting tasks she undertakes in her role at Gemba Solutions…


Wake up from my morning nap, streeeeeetch and toddle over to listen in on the morning meeting. I like to ensure I’m in the loop on how we’re currently supporting clients in empowering their productivity. It’s important I show my face as the team always looks to me at the end of a meeting for my bark of approval.


Time for me to walk my humans. They really need to stretch their legs after a morning working hard and get some fresh air. Just call me Betty the Barketing Executive-cum-personal trainer. I’m always up for getting the team outside and exercising, unless it’s really raining cats and dogs.


Running around in circles being chased by my colleagues. It’s actually another one of my morale boosting tricks I’ve had stashed up my paw to encourage team bonding and productivity. Seems to be working as I’ve just got caught and now my tummy is being tickled…zzz.


Woken up again for another pow-wow on how Gemba Solutions and I can continue to drive manufacturing efficiency with our OEE software. Lots of exciting updates to listen to and client achievements, but now the team is starting to drill down into the data. As numbers aren’t really my forte, I’ll just rest my eyes for a little bit again.


It might be time to clock off for the day but in the world of marketing, the work never stops. Only this evening on my walk home I bumped into Dave the Dachshund and Lily the Labrador and filled them in on our remote working software at Gemba Solutions. I told them to check out our website as they seemed pretty interested. Hopefully I wasn’t barking up the wrong tree.