Ready to bury the myths on brownfield sites?

Manufacturing is facing huge challenges globally right now.

The need to bounce back and rebuild future manufacturing capabilities is definitely foremost in the minds of many organisations, both large and small.

And high on their priorities list is the adoption of digital technologies to help accelerate and sustain their recovery.

We’ve seen it said many, many times in both digital media and printed publications that “deploying digital technology (IOT) in Brownfield sites is a lot more difficult”.

This is potentially misleading and could deter organisations who would gain rapid benefit from adopting these now widespread and common place technologies.

Integrating IOT technologies in manufacturing

brownfield site myths

At Gemba Solutions we’ve been integrating IOT technologies into established organisation’s brownfield sites for almost 20 years across all areas of manufacturing – from pharma, chemical, machining, packaging, OEM’s, aerospace, food and many others.

It’s frustrating to hear and read misrepresentations of IOT technology deployments. These are potential barriers to real progress at a time when industries need help with value generating solutions to their problems.

Ready to bust these myths?

brownfield site myths

If you’ve also been led to believe or have read that it’s more difficult to adopt a digital improvement solution in your existing ‘brownfield’ manufacturing facility, perhaps it’s time you speak to a solutions partner with extensive experience of doing just that.

Hi, we’re Gemba Solutions and we’re ready to bury these brownfield myths, if you are. Get in touch with the team and let’s explore your options.