Short Interval Control (SIC) monitors various metrics within the production operations to help identify emerging problems and put in-place countermeasures before they impact the business.  Regular incremental improvements to a process is the basis for continuous improvement yet managing this data haul can be daunting and time consuming.  Using Gemba’s connected software these metrics are collated and presented automatically to demonstrate current trends and the effectiveness of countermeasures.  Gemba Services work with the Process Operators to help instil a greater level of understanding and autonomy for how the process is performing and critically how their actions are influencing this visually.  SIC is an engaging activity that becomes an essential routine for the shop floor, quickly delivering tangible performance improvement and shared learning.

SIC is very interactive and will involve many disciplines within an organisation particularly with corrective actions management.  Once established, SIC across an organisation can become a data gathering monster, Gemba have developed software tools that automatically generate and support SIC data management with easy visual representations and action management tracking that gives you back the time spent gathering and interpreting data. The essence of SIC is to react to emerging problems before they have an impact, collecting and analysing data manually delays this opportunity.


  • Quickly deliver improvement to a process
  • Establish essential routines to reduce repeated failures
  • Track improvement progress in real time

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Changeovers Downtime Excel Continuous improvement Agriculture

Westland Garden Health is the UK’s largest manufacturer of bird food, with a specialist seed blending facility, based in Driffield, East Yorkshire. They have a 75,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility where over 6000 tonnes of Westland Garden Health’s 600-plus products are produced each month over 4 high capacity production lines.

Bottleneck Downtime Excel Packaging Reports Food and Beverage

Deli Solutions, based in Clitheroe, Lancs, produce Olives and Antipasti for several of the major supermarket chains. Bought-in raw materials (olives, sundried tomatoes, oils, etc.) are mixed/prepared according to a recipe and are delivered to semi-automatic packaging lines for packaging.

Bottleneck Continuous improvement Packaging Quality Food and Beverage Agriculture

Originally established in the 1970s, Barfoots is an award winning family business, growing, processing and packing a range of semi-exotic vegetables. Customers include the major supermarkets in the UK, and leading national restaurant chains, and the company has operations in the UK, Europe, Africa and South America.

Manufacturing Automotive

Manuli Hydraulics are recognised world-wide as the leading provider of hydraulic solutions.  They are focused on growth and maintaining its products and services reputation as the best across varying market segments. Manuli Hydraulics products are used in hydraulic circuits for industrial applications in various fields such as construction, earth moving, agriculture, transport, mining and shipping.