The benefits of our workshops and how they encourage continuous improvement in manufacturing

continuous improvement gemba solutions

Our services team is dedicated to empowering organisations. They spend a lot of their time turning organisation data into productivity gains for continuous improvement via workshops. They are extremely passionate about delivering these improvement workshops in order to explain to others how continuous improvements in manufacturing can be made to benefit all. At Gemba solutions we want to make your life easier and trust us when we say, that by striving for continuous improvement within your organisations, we like to think we do just that. 

Often our improvement workshops are driven by data, the thing we bang on about all the time! Data is very useful in many instances when it comes to the driving force behind our improvement workshops. However, here at Gemba we are also achieving instant gains from collaborative workshops. So, whilst data is important it isn’t always necessary, as we are able to help make improvements without it. These collaborative workshops help bring together like-minded individuals who are determined to make a difference and want to share and explore continuous improvements in manufacturing. It’s what we like to say, there’s always room for improvement. 

Let us explain in further detail the benefits of our continuous improvement workshops.

1. Empowering Teams

Empower teams with continuous improvement gemba solutions

It has proved extremely useful to have the people who actually carry out the tasks focused on what they are doing and for them to then critically reflect on the processes, which is what our continuous improvement workshops focus on doing. 

We noticed that this brought to light and unearthed a long list of known difficulties that could be overcome with little effort. It is highly possible that without including these people on the team to analyse the processes that they were most familiar with, this could easily go unmissed or become a much harder issue to solve. At Gemba, we’re all about easy solutions and continuous improvements in manufacturing. 

Barfoots Operations Manager said:

“Prior to our involvement with Gemba, we used a very basic manual process to measure our production efficiency. Gemba engaged with the teams to help get to grips with asset performance and begin making improvements across the plant.” 

By empowering the team to escalate these issues and implement simple adjustments to the process, it not only gave members of the team a voice but also released capacity, improved ergonomics, and created a safer working environment, which is the type of continuous improvement in manufacturing that we are always striving for. 

2. Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing continuous improvement gemba solutions

At Gemba, we are of the opinion that knowledge really is power and so the knowledge gained from doing these types of improvement workshops is its largest benefit. You get to share what you have learned about continuous improvement in manufacturing and adapt this to your machinery. By working on different shifts and teams you can share the many different things you have picked up whilst completing the workshop. There really is nothing better than a team coming together and sharing knowledge. 

The Operations Manager of a Netherlands based paint manufacturer said:

“Last week we had a very successful training course… Simon was a brilliant trainer, enthusiastic and capable. I think this will be a great help for us to get more benefit from the system and give us a broader knowledge based in our company.” 

It’s not just about having this knowledge its about sharing it between teams so that knowledge can broaden and be used to exact the improvements we are all eager to implement within manufacturing.

3. Sustained success

sustained success continuous improvement gemba solutions

We understand that not everyone wants to collect data. Either way, whether you choose to or not, we will help you identify and realise cost benefits or capacity increase. Once this has been completed, we then measure our success on your workforce’s sustained continuous improvement. 

We want to meet your needs and expectations over a long period of time. Improvements to us are not just short term fixes, we improve for the long term and we continuously make improvements in manufacturing to maintain success throughout. 

We returned to a close partner’s facility recently, one we have supported for over 10 years, to address a bottleneck in their very complex component assembly process. The gearbox assembly area didn’t have Gemba real-time data monitoring (yet) so, our CI Services team began working with the assembly engineers to establish the current capacity and workflow, which proved to be an enlightening moment for the business.

4. Industry insight

industry insight continuous improvement gemba solutions

Our workshops are led by our support team who have worked in multiple industries. Having a team where every individual comes from a different industry background and has varied experiences based on their industry helps provide a large scope of knowledge and means continuous improvements in manufacturing can be tailored to you and your specific industry. This industry insight is vital as it also means that our support team wants to explain things to you simply, rather than overcomplicate it for no reason. 

The Maintenance Manager at a Berkshire-based laundry said:

“I have received a lot of positive feedback from the guys about the way you personally deliver the training, they found you explained things in simple terms for everyone to understand and follow.” 

We truly understand the pains different industries face, and are able to suggest improvements that result in double digit increases in efficiency.

5. Improvements for all

You don’t have to be an existing Gemba partner to benefit from our CI Services. If you need a fresh set of eyes on your process improvements we can help. We like to help organisations that have not been existing Gemba partners, as we want everyone to be able to benefit from our workshops and make continuous improvements in manufacturing. 


Our continuous improvement workshops provide you with expertise knowledge, industry insight, they empower your team, ensure sustained success and improvements are available for all to benefit from. If you’re interested in our continuous improvement workshops, contact us if you want to make continuous improvements to manufacturing and come out on top.