Gemba Services

Gemba Services are a key part of the improvement delivery process from Gemba Solutions. Using data to drive improvements is the ideal quick win scenario, yet not every organisation has this luxury of a Gemba Real-time data system. Gemba’s highly experienced team of experts help organisations understand where value is generated in operations, quickly identifying areas falling short of targets and helping put in-place measurable corrective actions. When combined with the Gemba real-time manufacturing Software our services embed and sustain rapid improvement.  Read what our clients say about us.

From shop-floor to director level, our services drive a continuous improvement culture into your business.

Our support services tea provide you with remote technical assistance to ensure your Gemba systems continue to deliver sustainable benefits and operate in the most effective way possible.

Essential tools when increasing product complexity and minimising machine off-line time.  Increasing process capacity and releasing the hidden factory.

Motivates teams from shop-floor to senior level with measurable and sustainable improvement to your production process.  Increasing output and quality whilst decreasing waste.

Gemba Services are focused upon reducing costs and increasing yield through regular incremental changes driven by reliable and unambiguous real-time data; in real-life applications