What does Gemba actually mean?

What does Gemba mean*Gemba definition – Gemba (現場): The Real Place. 

We’re often asked what Gemba means. In simple terms, it represents where the action is happening. Here we explore the history and Japanese connotations surrounding the word a little deeper, along with why it’s so important both to us and our clients.

What is Gemba and how do you go to it? What does Gemba mean

Gemba is Japanese for ‘site’ or ‘scene’, which is the place where the action is happening. In business Gemba refers to the real place where value is created, such as the factory floor.  Now you know what Gemba means, the common phrase ‘Going to Gemba’ might be easier to understand. This phrase represents managers visiting the shop floor to observe, learn and understand what is happening across every level of their business.

What is Gemba Walk?What does Gemba mean

So we’ve established what Gemba means, but what does the Gemba Walk mean? Put simply, it’s a way to encourage greater transparency, trust and communication between leaders and workers on the shop floor. 

The purpose behind a Gemba Walk isn’t to point out employees’ faults, but to ensure change for the good of the organisation (or Kaizen) is sustained, a clear understanding of the real place and experiencing the actual events first-hand is essential to those involved and influential to change. 

This idea of insight and understanding is a huge part of what we believe in at Gemba Solutions, that making informed decisions to empower your workforce will result in continuous improvement. Discover our range of software solutions.

Who we areWhat does Gemba mean

What began as a group of passionate Control Engineers wanting to define a clearer path to performance improvements for operators, has steadily grown into a global-selling business that is Gemba Solutions. When we understood the meaning of the word, we found it said everything we do in one word. 

Our aim was to bring “The Gemba” to all who use our software and services to give clear insight and focus to their operational priorities in real-time, transporting them to the actual place from wherever they were located.

We developed our software with this in mind, to help transform manufacturing operations through efficiency improvements – with a focus on enabling rapid refinements for manufacturing businesses and creating flexible overall equipment effectiveness software solutions, we’ve built up a pretty strong reputation for ourselves within the industry. Find out more about our story here. 

Clients who work with us at Gemba Solutions discover this real place for continuous improvement, by using real-time data to drive production efficiency.

Why not find out more about our story and what Gemba means to us or contact our team to discover the real place for improvement for your business?