Our Story

Gemba Solutions are a dedicated team of Manufacturing, Engineering and Software Development professionals helping organisations implement rapid business improvement with continuous improvement methodologies and real-time data.

In 2015 we became part of the ITMGroup, an exciting privately-owned machine innovations company.  Being part of this innovation-driven group of companies has enabled us to expose our capabilities to a wider audience, pushing the boundaries of current technologies and the development of new products and services. Having these strong foundations and strategic partnerships has placed Gemba Solutions firmly at the forefront of Manufacturing and Operational improvement service providers.

The Gemba approach, a simple approach

The Gemba approach is simple, we listen to our client’s needs, we confirm how we can help, then help to implement the solution. It doesn’t end there, this is the beginning of our long-term relationship and partnership towards continuously improving manufacturing operations. We don’t just lay software on top of problems, we help our clients drive the benefit into the business using real-time relevant data directly from the operation, automatically, manually or a combination of both.

Extensive knowledge base in our Group of business

Gemba Solutions have their systems deployed across many international industries which when combined offers an extensive knowledge base for sharing best practices within our Gemba Group of businesses. These businesses have harnessed the benefits of using real-time data to drive their objectives, increase their capacity and control their costs. They have shared their experience with new and existing Gemba clients to help them also achieve rapid gains in their operations.

Job openings at Gemba
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